Vince McMahon psychic
Does Vince McMahon have the supernatural ability to predict the future?

Although it sounds impossible, numerous sources close to a person named Vince McMahon insist he is able to predict the outcomes of WWE matches with 100 percent accuracy.

“I never believed in psychics until I saw what (McMahon) could do,” said one source who, for the sake of anonymity, wished to be identified only as H. Whippleman.

Although clairvoyance is typically dismissed as pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo, the mystical McMahon has reportedly known — sometimes weeks or months in advance — the winners and losers of every WWE match over the past several decades.

McMahon even purportedly knew outcomes that even the most astute wrestling fans didn’t see coming, such as the Undertaker’s streak-ending loss to Brock Lesnar, or Bret Hart’s peculiar tap-out loss to Shawn Michaels in Montreal.

Some skeptics suggest McMahon is merely performing some kind of parlour trick, while others have suggested the preposterous notion that the outcomes of WWE matches are actually predetermined by McMahon himself.

The only reasonable explanation, of course, is that McMahon is some sort of sorcerer.