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Once again, the women of WWE get all the spotlight, while the men stand neglected behind them.

Male sports-entertainers have lodged a formal complaint with the Human Resources department of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), alleging that the company committed “sexual discrimination” by creating a pay-per-view exclusively for female talent.

“We are sick and tired of being considered less-important than the women,” said Bo Dallas, spokesperson for the 27-man collective that lodged the complaint. “We bolieve this is blatant sexism.”

The men of WWE have long played second fiddle to the women, with men’s matches derogatorily considered the three-minute “bathroom breaks” in otherwise female-dominated events.

Yesterday’s announcement of an all-women pay-per-view, called WWE Evolution, was the “final straw” in the eyes of many wrestlers and fans.

The hashtag #GiveMenAChance trended worldwide after the announcement of the pay-per-view, and many industry insiders believe a “Men’s Revolution” is afoot.


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