season 2 making a murderer
The second season of Making a Murderer will examine whether Kane was framed by someone who replaced his girlfriend with a mannequin.

Making a Murderer, the popular Netflix docudrama chronicling intrigue and deception in the American criminal justice system, will return in June with a second season that re-examines the suspicious death of Katie Vick.

The 10-part second season will delve into teenaged cheerleader’s unsolved murder — and alleged postmortem sexual befoulment — by delving into her relationship with a man known only as Kane.

The first season of Making a Murderer, which was binge-watched by millions of viewers over the holiday season, tells the twisted tale of Steven Avery, exonerated after 18 years in prison only to be arrested for a suspicious murder shortly after his release.

“The second season will make the Avery story look like a sweet fairy tale,” said series co-creator Laura Ricciardi. “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

The Katie Vick murder briefly made headlines in 2002 after she was found dead and apparently sexually violated following a date with Kane, a socially awkward man who was badly burned as a child during a fire at the funeral home his parents operated.

Making a Murderer will tackle some of the vexing unresolved questions in the case, such as:

  • Why did the case vanish so quickly from headlines?
  • Why was Kane never arrested, tried or punished?
  • Was evidence planted at the crime scene by a mysterious man named H. H. Helmsley?
  • Was Vick’s body ever found, or did her casket contain only a mannequin in a wig?

Viewers will have to wait until June to see the series, but speculation already abounds on the internet, with some conspiracy theorists even suggesting the murder never happened, and was actually a case of very bad writing during the dying gasps of the Attitude Era.
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