Make-a-Wish WWE
Jimmy Preskill celebrates the news that John Cena’s scheduled Make-A-Wish visit has been called off.

Eleven-year-old Jimmy Preskill said he felt “like a million bucks,” despite the neurological disorder that confines him to a wheelchair, when a scheduled Make-A-Wish visit from professional wrestler John Cena was called off today.

“It’s a dream come true,” Jimmy gushed, a tear of joy trickling down his cheek. “That would have been so freaking lame.”

Jimmy was mortified when he found out that his parents had requested a visit from the WWE superstar through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, for which Cena is a tireless ambassador and wish-granter.

Although Jimmy described the planned visit as a “nice enough gesture,” he was mortified at the idea of pretending to be a fan of Cena’s.

Due to a flight delay, Cena was forced to regrettably cancel the visit, which Jimmy described as “a real relief,” since he has never liked Cena’s squeaky-clean image and predictable matches.

“I mean, it’s just such a cliche for a sick kid to meet Cena,” said Jimmy.

“I specifically told my parents I wanted to meet Damien Sandow.”