undertaker wrestlemania 35
Timmy O’Shanahan says he will “beat da Undtakoh just like Bwock Wesnoh did!”

In what is being applauded as the most magnanimous gesture yet in its long relationship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, World Wrestling Entertainment has granted a WrestleMania showdown with the Undertaker to eight-year-old Timmy O’Shanahan of Nebraska.

WWE has a policy to never decline Make-A-Wish requests — of which, 9,847 have involved John Cena inspiring ill youngsters to never give up — but Timmy’s is the first wish to result in a high-profile match at WrestleMania.

In an adorable promo video, Timmy issued a brave challenge to his dream opponent: “Da Undatakoh bettah watch out for me, ’cause I’m gonna wessle him and make him west in peeeeaaace.”

The Undertaker responded that Timmy will be his “most formidable WrestleMania opponent yet” — even more daunting than his toughest foe so far, Giant Gonzalez.

Veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler argues that, while the Undertaker has experience and size in his favor, Timmy has a youth and an indomitable spirit.

“It’s a tough call,” writes Mutzler, “but expect Timmy to go over with his finisher, the super-duper-ultwa-elbow-dwop.”


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