Mae Young Hand
Though there were complications during delivery (left), Mae Young's baby hand has grown into a beautiful teenager (right).

Proving the old adage that “kids grow up so fast,” Mae Young’s baby hand just celebrated its 13th birthday.

It seems like just yesterday that Mae Young was rushed to a delivery room — technically a WWE locker room — with proud papa Mark “Sexual Chocolate” Henry by her side for the long-awaited birth of their hand.

Although there were complications with the delivery — several men present for the birth vomited violently due to a repulsive odor in the room — the hand was a healthy and vibrant newborn.

WWE commentators announced the joyous occasion to the world. “A hand?” they said. “It seems to be a hand.”

Mae Young and Mark Henry split up shortly after the birth of their hand, but they remained amicable and they equally participated in the raising of the hand.

The now-teenage hand is reportedly pursuing a career as a model for “Don’t Walk” signs.