Madonna Kaballah
Madonna (centre) and one of her dancers (left) perform a ritual worship ceremony for their deity, Kamala (right).

Fans of legendary pop queen Madonna were shocked yesterday to learn that she is not, as previously believed, a follower of Jewish religion Kabbalah, but instead of the Ugandan Headhunter Kamala.

“I apologize if there has been a misunderstanding,” Madonna said in a statement released by her agent. “I indeed worship Kamala, not Kabbalah. I must not have been pronouncing it clearly.”

For more than a decade, Madonna was presumed to be the world’s most famous devotee of Kabbalah, a esoteric religion based in Rabbinic Judaism.

In fact, Madonna’s allegiances have always been with Kamala, an untamed African wrestler known for slapping his corpulent belly and leaping onto opponents from the top rope.

The revelation does seem to explain the origin of the title for Madonna’s forthcoming album: My Barefoot Savage.