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Roman Reigns celebrates going “over” the jabroni Lou Keymia.

Despite an unprovoked sneak attack last October that left Roman Reigns temporarily hospitalized, WWE’s most despised monster heel, Lou Keymia, ultimately proved no match for the tenacious Big Dog.

Although the dastardly Keymia seemed to have the upper hand in the early going — even stooping so low as to pummel Reigns in the blood and marrow — Reigns refused to back down.

Keymia (full name Capt. Louis Keymia) unexpectedly debuted in WWE by sabotaging Reigns at the peak of his career, forcing him to relinquish the Universal Championship to WWE Hall of Famer Vacant.

Despite a see-saw battle, Reigns eventually forced Keymia into submission — and remission — and returned to Monday Night Raw to a roaring ovation on Feb. 25, 2018.

Although Reigns used to absorb much scorn and derision from the WWE Universe, his return was met with universal enthusiasm from fans who are united in disdain for Lou Keymia, as well as other heels including Lynn Foma, Di A. Beatus, and Siff Phyllis.




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