sheik dugganFans of professional sports-entertaining can enjoy the tedium of life on the road with their favourite WWE superstars in Ride Along, but most fans don’t realize the show was originally shot — and immediately cancelled — in 1987, due to the roadside bust of The Iron Sheik and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

The arrest of Duggan and the Iron Sheik made international headlines at the time, since the duo were sworn enemies who apparently managed to overcome their differences through the pacifying effects of herbal recreation.

The pilot episode of Ride Along — which, due to the size of TV cameras at the time, was filmed with a cameraman strapped onto the hood of the car — depicts Duggan and the Sheik shamefacedly admitting to a police officer that the contents of a plastic baggie are not, in fact, ICO PRO.

According to lore, the episode features the Iron Sheik calling the police officer a “jabroni” and threatening to make him “humble.”

The officer then reportedly asks Duggan if he is resisting arrest, to which Duggan emphatically replies: “Nooooooooo!”

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