Bella triplet
Brie and Nikki Bella continue to deny the existence of Gladys (inset), the physically and emotionally stunted Bella Triplet.

Motivated by jealousy of her pretty and famous sisters, Gladys Bella — the little-known Bella Triplet — has emerged from the shadows and vowed revenge.

Gladys has been rumored to be the “dark secret” of the Bella household — a physically and emotionally stunted runt “who got the short end of the genetic stick,” according to a source close to the Bella family.

“They kept Gladys locked in the attic for most of her childhood, sending her table scraps on a makeshift dumbwaiter,” the source told Kayfabe News on condition of anonymity. “As far as the outside world was concerned, Mrs. Bella gave birth to a pair of beautiful twins, not triplets.”

Only in recent months has Gladys made her vengeful intentions known, mostly through cryptic, hand-scrawled letters mailed to WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT.

One such missive reportedly read: “Gladys make pretty sisters unpretty — pretty soon!”

Brie and Nikki Bella have dismissed the notion of a long-lost triplet as “just some silly celebrity gossip,” but they recently hired two full-time security guards, lending credence to the idea.