Lanny Poffo
Limpin' Lanny Poffo winces after sitting down too quickly.

Professional wrestler Limpin’ Lanny Poffo silently composed a clever, albeit rather depressing, limerick about his upcoming hip replacement while sitting in the waiting room of specialist Dr. Bob Ponovich.

Poffo, who was once known as “Leapin’ Lanny” thanks to his high-flying wrestling style, hobbled laboriously into the doctor’s office yesterday, his throbbing left hip an ever-present reminder of the spectacular moonsaults he used to perform.

Poffo muttered to himself:

“There once was a man named Lanny,

Whose wrestling skills were uncanny.

But after too many flips,

He destroyed his poor hips,

And now he can’t walk, can he?”

Pleased with his composition, Poffo peered around the waiting room for something to jot it down on, but didn’t see a Frisbee anywhere.