lesnar undefeated
Can anyone defeat — or even get a match against — Brock Lesnar?

Professional wrestler Brock Lesnar has achieved yet another milestone in his unprecedented reign as WWE Universal Champion, reaching 71 days in his undefeated streak. 

Lesnar has not lost a single match since he won the coveted championship 10 weeks ago, and sports-entertainment pundits believe he will retain for at least several more weeks. 

More than 102,240 minutes have passed since Lesnar demolished Goldberg to win the title, and he has not even been pinned, let alone beaten, during those 6.13 million seconds. 

Some skeptics might suggest that Lesnar’s undefeated streak is a result of him not actually defending the Universal Championship since he won this, but this is just untrue. 

Lesnar has been travelling the universe, as stipulated by the rules of the championship, and defending the gold in galaxies as distant as Messier 82 and Andromeda. 

He has already vanquished Max Moon, the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, a multidimensional tesseract named Hartle, and a super-intelligent shade of the color blue. 

It is somewhat ironic that his next title defence is at an event called Great Balls of Fire, since his last defence was against The Molten Magmabeast on the surface of a luminous star on the verge of going supernova. 


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