Suplex city bitch
Brock Lesnar really thought Wristlock Township would be a hit with fans.

Hoping to recapture┬áthe lighting-in-bottle success of his “Suplex City” slogan, professional wrestler Brock Lesnar has tried, and failed, to get fans excited about “Wristlock Township.”

During a match this past Sunday, Lesnar seized opponent Luke Harper’s wrist, applied torque, and shrieked “Wristlock City, Bitch.”

The reaction he had hoped for — a loud audience “pop,” followed by sustained rhythmic chanting of the catchphrase — failed to materialize.

Disappointed, Lesnar then resumed suplexing Harper, eventually hurling him across the ring 293 times before scoring a pinfall.

The disappointment has reportedly made Lesnar think twice about a phrase he was planning to unveil this week on Raw, “Collar-and-Elbow Tie Up Municipality, Bitch.”