Lesnar ape
Brock Lesnar can’t help but perpetually be in gorilla position.

Although professional wrestlers refer to the backstage area directly behind the curtain as the “gorilla position” — lovingly named after the late Gorilla Monsoon, who could often be found there — the term is also literally descriptive, at all times, of Brock Lesnar. 

Lesnar, who is feared worldwide for his simian strength, his ape-like disposition and his primitive battle shrieks, is believed to be the evolutionary link between humans and a now-extinct species of African gorilla. 

When not using the fists of his massive fore-limbs to pummel opponents into oblivion, Lesnar drags them along the ground when he walks, or uses them to construct crude tools or hurl feces. 

Lesnar’s captor and handler, primatologist Paul Heyman, insists that although Lesnar is indeed a beast — indeed, the beast incarnate — he is only acting on pure animal instinct. 

“It doesn’t feel emotions the way we humans do,” says Lesnar, “but it does live by a moral code among fellow gorillas: ‘Ape no suplex ape.'”