Brock Lesnar 2k15
Brock Lesnar’s character in WWE 2K15 remains locked until the big paydays.

As excitement builds for the upcoming release of wrestling video game WWE 2K15, developer Yuke’s confirmed today that gamers will be able to play as Brock Lesnar, but only once every few months.

Lesnar’s character will remain “locked” through most of the game’s “Career Mode,” only briefly becoming available at one of the WWE’s “Big 4” pay-per-views (WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble).

Throughout the rest of the Career Mode, players will be able to control Lensar’s advocate, Paul Heyman, in an increasingly compelling and hilarious series of spoken-word vignettes (and one mini-game, in which Heyman struggles to get Curtis Axel over).

During those rare occasions when Lesnar is playable, gamers will simply mash buttons on the controller to perform one of the following maneuvers:

  • German suplex
  • Knee to the ribs
  • German suplex
  • Punch to the ribs
  • German suplex
  • F5
  • German suplex
  • Pterodactyl shriek

Yuke’s also announced that The Rock will be on the WWE 2K15 roster, although during his sporadic appearances gamers will only be able to make him spew juvenile dick jokes in order to kill the momentum of up-and-coming WWE talent.