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Brock Lesnar has always considered himself “a writer, not a fighter.”

Reliable sources are reporting today that Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania showdown against Roman Reigns this Sunday will be his last contractual obligation with World Wrestling Entertainment before (WWE) he returns to his first love, feminist poetry.

Although Lesnar has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, the publishing company that released his previous anthologies — Hear Me Roar (2008) and Why The Caged Brock Sings (2011) — has announced the impeding publication of his next book: The Breast Incarnate: Reclaiming My Pectoral Identity. 

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Among poetry critics and scholars, Lesnar is considered one of the literal and figurative giants of the field, alongside Sylvia Plath, Lady Mary Chudleigh, and Landrick “Lanny” Poffo.

Kayfabe News obtained this exclusive excerpt from Lesnar’s upcoming collection of poetry:




or concur? 

no sir, no more! no corporate whore

We contradict the control

of history.

of herstory! 

Not heyman’s story — hey man? no man!

a no-MAN’s land. 

A plan:

take a stand!

Roman Reigns? No-MAN reigns. 

We reign. We roar! 

Eat, yes, but sleep no more.

And repeat!




Following a year-long spoken-word performance tour, Lesnar is expected to return to UFC, where he’ll bash people in the head for money.






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