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Brock Lesnar is a beast in the ring, but is known as “the male Barbara Walters” among journalists.

Fans of sports-entertainment will get to see an entirely different side of Brock Lesnar when his live weekday chat show, Brock Talk, debuts this fall as part of NBC’s daytime lineup. 

Five days a week, in front of a live studio audience, Lesnar will gab with fellow celebs, crack wise about the day’s headlines, cook delicious vegan meals with celebrity chefs, offer daily life-hacks for busy working moms, and all sorts of unexpected guests and hijinks. 

Lesnar will be accompanied on-set by his ever-present sidekick, Paul Heyman (real name Paulie Dane-Jerresley), who will serve as the straight-man to Lesnar’s madcap antics and absurd sense of humour. 

The first episode of Brock Talk, airing on NBC September 4, promises to garner attention with its star-studded lineup: 

  • Cold-open: Brock Lesnar monologue. Crowd work, improv, observational, end with Gallagher watermelon bit
  • Interview segment 1: Brock chats with comedy legend Bill Murray
  • Sketch: Brock and Bill Murray re-enact final scene of Ghostbusters, with Brock as Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man
  • Interview segment 1: Brock hosts a lively panel with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, New York Times White House Correspondent Maggie Haberman, Iran’s head of atomic energyAli Akbar Salehi, and AEW wrestler Colt Cabana! 
  • Cooking with Gordon Ramsay: Brock and Gordon make Suplex City Bisque
  • Makeover Time! Brock turns one lucky, ugly audience member from Beast to Best! 
  • Musical performance: Yo-Yo Ma featuring Kyuss and Tom Waits
  • Brock’s final thought: The politics of division and the hegemony of big tech.   

Although Lesnar is best known for portraying a merciless fighting machine in the ring, viewers of Brock Talk will see a Lesnar who loves to laugh, dances like no one is watching, and he might just become your next daytime TV addiction. 

Watch Brock Talk daily on NBC starting in the fall, immediately following The Undertaker’s new show, Dead Man Talkin’. 

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