brock lesnar gorilla
The albino mountain gorilla responds to the name “Brock.”

Continuing his aggressive behavior toward professional wrestler and WWE executive Paul “Triple H” Levesque, the albino gorilla known as Brock Lesnar has begun grunting loudly from a treetop and hurling feces.

Triple H was approaching his car in the parking lot of WWE’s Connectigut headquarters when he heard heavy breathing and chest-beating from above.

When he looked up to see the source of the commotion, Levesque was hit in the face by a tightly packed ball of the gorilla’s fecal matter.

Primate expert Dr. Dianne Moseley says the behavior is typical of an aggravated male simian attempting to assert dominance over a peer it deems a threat to its “alpha” status.

The gorilla’s trainer, Paul Heyman, seemed to only reinforce the behavior by praising the beast. The fecal attack came only one day after Heyman let the gorilla run loose in Levesque’s office, destroying everything in its path.

It is believed that the gorilla is acting especially aggressive due to sexual frustration, as its female mate is getting quite old and becoming less attractive.