Lesnar Testicles
Brock Lesnar shows off his completed phallic tattoo.

Professional wrestling and mixed martial arts star Brock Lesnar finally completed his chest tattoo this week by having a pair of testicles added.

Lesnar said that for years he was embarrassed to be shirtless — a necessity in his line of work — because his phallic tattoo had never been completed.

“People used to think it was just some weird dagger,” Lesnar said.

“I had been so busy between UFC and WWE, I didn’t have time to get it finished.”

Lesnar said he plans to let a patch of his chest hair grow in a strategic location in order to fully complete the picture.

When asked why he wanted phallic imagery on his chest in the first place, Lesnar appeared confused and agitated.

Then he grunted loudly, climbed a nearby tree and hurled feces at bystanders.