Lensar part-time
Brock Lesnar has been ordered to take some days off following an exhausting stretch of house shows.

Reigning WWE champ Brock Lesnar was kept in hospital overnight for observation after collapsing in a hotel lobby, apparently due to exhaustion from defending his title at nightly non-televised “house shows.”

Despite his tremendous physical conditioning, Lesnar evidently over-exerted himself by taking on all challengers at WWE events around the country, practically every night since winning the championship several weeks ago.

Doctors at Minneapolis¬†General Hospital¬†diagnosed Lesnar with “extreme mental and physical fatigue brought on by the rigors of daily travel and sporting competition” (although the mental fatigue is reportedly¬†a pre-existing condition dating back to kindergarten).

Lesnar’s manager and mouthpiece, Paul Heyman, issued a statement reading: “Most people don’t realize the gruelling schedule that accompanies being WWE Champion. Along with Raw and Smackdown, the champ headlines events every day of the week, often twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday.”

Since capturing the title with a decisive victory against John Cena, Lesnar has successfully defended it, often in hour-long Ironman Matches, against Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Mark Henry, Bo Dallas, Rusev, and Sting.

Against doctor’s orders, Lesnar intends to get back on the road immediately to defend his title next week in Des Moines, Cleveland, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and Salt Lake City.

Said Lesnar: “I am a fighting champion, and fans everywhere deserve to see me beat urine, blood and vomit out of all challengers.”