Upon learning that the new number-one contender for his WWE Universal Championship is named Samoa Joe, champ Brock Lesnar shrugged and assumed he’d be facing a re-packaged Roman Reigns. 

“Meh,” said Lesnar. “No sweat. I’ve beaten all those other Shield guys.”

Lesnar knows that Reigns is of Samoan heritage, and that his real first name is Joe, so he understandably jumped to the conclusion that Reigns will be his opponent at WWE Whole Lotta Great Balls of Fire Shakin’ Around the Clock. 

Lesnar, a notoriously elusive champion who has spent the past two months writing romantic young-adult fiction novels on his sprawling Saskatchewan ranch, has never heard of Samoa Joe, and may therefore underestimate the challenge posed by the fierce opponent.

Samoa Joe has insisted he is not afraid of “Suplex City,” and vowed he will take Lesnar to an even more dangerous locale, Musclebuster Metropolis.