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Rolling Stone magazine says Brock Lesnar could be hip hop’s “next big thing.”

Amid rumors that he will soon retire from sports-entertainment and mixed martial arts, Brock Lesnar announced today he will venture into hip hop music with an upcoming debut album tentatively titled “Da Beest Inkarnate.”

According to Lesnar’s publicist and hype man, Flav E. Dangerously, the album is “Eminem meets Kanye meets Rapmaster P.N. News, with beats phatter than King Mabel.”

Scheduled to drop on August 3, the album showcases the kind of lyrical whimsy and syntactic gymnastics fans have come to expect from Lesnar, who is counted among The Rock and Jake Roberts as WWE’s all-time great promo men.

Tracks confirmed for the album include:

  • Suplex City Bitchez
  • Pterodactyl Shriek
  • Let’s do THIIIISSS (feat. John Cena)
  • Phallus on Ma Chest
  • Say Sumfin Stoopid (feat. Flav E. Dangerously)
  • I Broke da Streek

A gifted musician and multi-instrumentalist with classical training, Lesnar is reportedly also working on a semi-autobiographical rock opera based on Shakespeare’s King Lear.

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