chest tattoo
Scott Steiner (left, with ridiculous heart-stabbed-by-crucifix tattoo) argues that his chest design is uglier than the ornate phallus inked into Brock Lesnar's chest.

Professional wrestlers Brock Lesnar and Scott Steiner are embroiled in a heated rivalry over whose chest is adorned with a stupider and more poorly conceived tattoo.

Lesnar, now a top villain in World Wrestling Entertainment after a successful tenure in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, argues that his phallic dagger tattoo is more aesthetically displeasing and comically ugly.

Steiner, an independent performer most recently seen in TNA Wrestling, insists that his tattoo — a ridiculous cartoonish heart skewered by a clumsily drawn crucifix — is by far the more imbecilic thing to have indelibly inked into one’s skin.

Most observers agree that both tattoos are equally appalling, and that the idea of Lesnar and Steiner bickering over which is uglier is as absurdly futile as two bald men arguing over a comb.

Both Lesnar and Steiner concede, however, that Michael Cole’s tattoos surpass either of theirs in sheer random stupidity.