WWE rules leaked
This leaked memo seems to show Vince McMahon’s guidelines for fans of WWE.

Sports-entertainment mogul Vince McMahon has compiled a list of stringent rules that fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) are expected to follow, according to backstage documents leaked today on Reddit.

The documents provide detailed, almost dictatorial guidelines for how fans should self-identify (as “members of the WWE Universe”), for whom they should cheer, and how they should properly behave at WWE Live Events.

Among the dozens of bullet points on 17 pages of guidelines:

  • Total Divas is quality entertainment. Watch it.
  • Vote in WWE Polls, and pretend your vote actually counts. It’s fun!
  • Do NOT chant for commentators. They are NOT the stars.
  • Do NOT bring up the whole Katie Vick thing.
  • Enjoy NXT, but not TOO much. Remember: Raw and Smackdown exist too!
  • Don’t forget who gave you all of this: your lord and savior, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

This revelation of the confidential documents is the second such leak in as many days; yesterday, McMahon’s purported instructions for WWE announcers leaked online, revealing the authoritarian control he exerts over practically every word uttered on WWE programming.

According to one backstage source at WWE, the documents are being released by a mysterious disgruntled employee known only by his online pseudonym, “LongIsalndZ.”