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CM Punk is going to get a big “push” in UFC, according to the MMA dirtsheets.

A script leaked from UFC headquarters today reveals that former pro wrestler CM Punk will win his debut “fight” for the organization after manager Paul Heyman nails Punk’s opponent with a steel chair when the referee’s attention is diverted.

Punk’s first “match” in UFC is one of the most hotly anticipated debuts ever for the sports-entertainment company, which stages theatrical battles between good and evil inside a so-called Octagon.

According to MMA dirtsheets, Punk is expected to get a huge “push” after his debut, leading to a dramatic “program” against veteran Anderson Silva, who will is rumored to soon unveil a spooky new persona called “The Mortician.”

Although the outcomes of all UFC matches are predetermined, they are largely improvised and “called in the Octagon” by the performers, which means fans can expect to see some vintage Punk maneuvers like the anaconda vice and the GTS (“Get to School”).

It is uncertain how smoothly Punk will transition from the legitimate competition of WWE to the choreographed spectacle of UFC, but it looks like big things are ahead for him, including a possible main-event match this April at UFC annual extravaganza, Fightamania.


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