CM Punk mania texas
This is the only known photo of assistant sound engineer Kevin Glieb (far left) backstage at a WWE event.

According to official documents leaked by an anonymous source within World Wrestling Entertainment, this man will “definitely” be at the upcoming WrestleMania 33 spectacular.

That’s right: part-time assistant sound engineer Kevin Glieb (pictured here on the far left, wearing headphones and black shin-high socks) will be working in a production truck parked outside Orlando’s Camping World Stadium.

Glieb will be among a staff of more than 250 behind-the-scenes personnel — including roadies, pyrotechnicians, seamstresses and baby-oil-smearers — who will help create the biggest annual spectacle in sports entertainment.

Although Glieb is eager to contribute to the event, he admits he is “a little bummed” that his favorite wrestler, CM Punk, will definitely not be appearing.


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