Lawler heart attack
A photo from Jerry Lawler's girlfriend, Lauryn McBride, shows The King recovering faster than a referee that has been toppled by a gentle breeze.

Sources close to Jerry Lawler, who suffered a heart attack during a live broadcast of last Monday’s WWE Raw program, report that “The King” is recovering faster than a referee that has been gently nudged to the mat during a wrestling match.

“Jerry back on his feet, eating and walking around,” tweeted Lawler’s girlfriend, Lauryn McBride.

“Unlike a referee that has been accidentally pushed into the turnbuckles, Jerry is making a speedy recovery.”

The wrestling world was stunned Monday when Lawler collapsed on live television and was whisked away to a Montreal hospital to be resuscitated, and most fans feared he may never bounce back.

To everyone’s amazement, however, Lawler was up and about faster than WWE referee Charles Robinson was after he got accidentally sandwiched between Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu.

“I’m totally amazed by the pace of Jerry’s recuperation,” said Robinson. “I once got steamrollered by a couple of Divas and I was unconscious for ages. Jerry must be some kind of superhuman.”

Kayfabe News attempted to reach longtime wrestling referee Earl Hebner for comment, but he was rendered unconscious when we tapped him on the shoulder.

Kayfabe News, along with wrestling fans worldwide, wish Jerry Lawler the very best in his recovery. Long live the King!