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A leak of nude celebrity photos sadly included images of Chyna

Hackers have released another batch of nude celebrity photos, apparently stolen from personal “cloud” storage, and eager internet perverts are horrified to discovery that the new archive includes explicit images of former WWE wrestler Chyna.

“Oh, no, no, no,” posted one user of 4Chan, where the leaked photos first emerged. “What the hell am I even looking at?”

The internet has been abuzz since the first batch of leaked photos — depicting starlets Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, among others — sparked a firestorm of controversy and wankery several days ago.

Rumors of a follow-up leak of more nude imagery caused great anticipation among unkempt, sexless loners who populate the online forums where such invasions of privacy and decency are tolerated.

Today’s release of photos, however, sparked widespread disappointment rather than arousal, because of its heavy focus on Chyna, as well as images of Donald Trump and some Reddit user’s mom.

It is unclear why anyone needed to “leak” nude photos of Chyna, because they are readily accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a fetish for silicon, desperation, and unladylike ladyparts. Chyna’s adult film portfolio is well known and generally avoided.

An investigation into the leak indicates that the pictures were uploaded by a 4Chan user called “PacSyxxx.”