Randy Savage hall of fame
Lanny Poffo (right) is glad his brother is finally getting a bit of the spotlight.

The world of professional wrestling is abuzz today after the announcement that the late brother of “Leaping” Lanny Poffo (a.k.a. The Genius) will be inducted into the 2015 class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Lanny, who skyrocketed to WWE stardom in the 1980s thanks to his high-flying style and sexy moustache, says he is “awfully proud” of his relatively obscure brother, Randy, for “not diminishing the Poffo family legacy.”

“My father, Angelo, was one of the great wrestlers of his era, and I was one of the greats of my era” said Lanny.

“It’s very touching that WWE also still remembers my brother, who is sometimes overlooked in wrestling history.”

Randy Poffo (or “Randy Savage,” as he was sometimes known) never emerged from the impossibly large shadow cast by his brother, but made a minor name for himself as a color commentator, Slim Jim spokesperson, and occasional in-ring performer.

The least charismatic of the Poffo family, Randy was a reliable “enhancement talent,” losing in short matches to showcase bigger stars ranging from Koko B. Ware to Corporal Kirchner.

It is believed that Lanny will posthumously induct his brother into the WWE Hall of Fame during a glitzy ceremony on the eve of WrestleMania by reciting a limerick and tossing Frisbees into the crowd.

Many wrestling fans are also lobbying for the Hall of Fame induction of Randy’s beautiful longtime manager, Gorgeous George.