Lance storm shoot
Lance Storm is affable and well-spoken — the opposite of what wrestling fans expect from the subject of a shoot interview.

A newly released shoot interview with retired wrestler Lance Storm is somehow even duller than his deadpan in-ring promos.

On the two-disc DVD set released this week, Storm is well-spoken, affable and courteous — the opposite of what wrestling fans have come to expect from shoot interviews.

Contrary to the norm, in which disgruntled old wrestlers badmouth their peers and rehash petty old grudges, Storm’s shoot interview contains no swearing, shouting, backstabbery or anything else remotely interesting to the types of wrestling fans who buy shoot interviews.

“I love to read,” Storm says in one segment, his enunciation crisp and grammar mundanely impeccable. “I believe it’s important to promote reading among today’s youth, because they are our future.”

Wrestling fans who have watched the entire four-hour shoot interview report that Storm seems like a perfectly friendly and intelligent guy — and a total waste of 20 bucks that could have gone toward the forthcoming shoot interview with a stark-raving-mad Billy Jack Haynes.