kurt angle
Kurt Angle intends to keep his fans updated on his journey toward pole vaulting at the 2044 Olympics.

Former Olympian and professional wrestler Kurt Angle has announced that he plans to compete in the 2044 Olympic Summer Games in the pole vault.

The declaration, which Angle made through his Twitter account, is the latest in a series of bold statements about his future athletic endeavors, none of which he has seen to fruition.

In recent years, Angle has boldly proclaimed that he would leave professional wrestling to compete in mixed martial arts, or re-enter amateur wrestling in order to compete in the 2012 London Summer Games.

Angle has not followed through on any such statements in the past, leading many observers to be skeptical about his “guaran-damn-tee” that he will “bring home the pole-vaulting gold in 2044.”

Those skeptical of Angle’s increasingly implausible claims point out that he has never tried pole vaulting before, and his damaged shoulder probably wouldn’t withstand the abuse.

Angle seems undeterred by such naysayers, despite the fact that he will be 76 at the time of the 2044 Summer Games.

Angle is expected to withdraw his claims any day now by insisting that his Twitter account had been hacked.