CM Punk mmaYou probably know CM Punk as a tough-as-nails cagefighter from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but did you know that the mixed martial artist began his combat career in the bombastic spectacle of professional wrestling?

That’s right, the man nicknamed “Mr. MMA” once portrayed an anti-authority, straight-edge rebel in the wacky world of sports entertainment.

Veteran wrestling/MMA journalist Dan Mutzler revealed in an article published today on Pro Wrestling Lantern that Punk was known in his wrestling days by his real name Charles Montgomery Punk, as well as CM Punk, Max Moon, Hardton Sexcastle, and Druid #32.

Although his dominance in the UFC Octagon is well known, his pro wrestling career was largely spent in the shadows, performing for Ian Rotten’s IWA-Mid South promotion, as well as a brief tenure in an upstart independent promotion based out of Stamford, CT.

Punk has not performed on the “rasslin'” circuit in years, although fans fondly remember his slapstick, comedic style. One popular recurring gag, for example, involved Punk looking at a non-existent wristwatch before matches, then tapping the imaginary watch and putting his wrist to his ear as if listening for ticks.

Punk has been a dominating force in UFC, having lost only one fight in his MMA career.