Kizarny gimmick
Kizarny has failed to land another WWE contract with his Kizarnosaurus gimmick.

Hoping to regain employment with World Wrestling Entertainment, carnival freak Kizarny has unsuccessfully attempted to repackage himself as “The Kizarnosaurus.”

Inspired by the popularity of Brodus Clay — who achieved instant stardom with his “Funkasaurus” alter-ego — Kizarny sewed himself a green dinosaur costume complete with raptor talons and armor plating on the back.

Kizarny sent a promotional DVD to WWE headquarters several weeks ago, hoping the Kizarnosaurus idea would resonate with backstage power-players, but has heard no reply as of yet.

This wasn’t Kizarny’s first attempt to win back employment with WWE since his release from the company in 2009.

Last year he unsuccessfully pitched an ominous, supernatural character called The Kizarndertaker.