Although there have been numerous false successors to his title, King Booker has never officially ceded his throne until he personally crowned his successor, King Charles, in England today. 

King Booker (pronounced King Bookah), handed his royal sceptre and crown to Charles this morning at Westminster Abbey, thus making the Charles the one true King of the Ring (and, less importantly, the King of England).

As tradition dictates, a new female royal was crowned also, as Queen Sharmell was “bequeathed” to Charles, while Camilla Parker-Bowles was given to Booker T as a symbolic gift from the monarchy.

The title “King of the Ring” has been erroneously ascribed to false regals including Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett and Baron Corbin, but each of those men have technically only been Dukes of the Ring. 

The opulent coronation ceremony was full of pomp and circumstance, and culminated in the traditional act as every previous coronation for centuries: a regal spinaroonie.

Stripped of his regal title and obligations, Booker T said he is pleased to be a “commoner” again, and described the coronation ceremony as “shucky ducky.”


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