kharma wwe
Preparing for her WWE return, Kharma is khutting kharbs and khalories.

Aiming to shed a few pounds in anticipation of her return to WWE action, Kharma is reportedly khutting out kharbs and khalories.

“I’m sticking to healthy foods like kharrots, khale, khollard greens and khinoa,” Kharma tweeted yesterday.

“I’m staying away from Khit-Khats and khandy. I want to improve my overall khardiovascular khonditioning.”

Kharma was one of the most feared women in the WWE Divas Division, but took personal time off last year, promising to come back with a renewed khiller instinct.

Her return to WWE action is reportedly imminent — a rumor khonfirmed by her change in khulinary choices and renewed dedication to khalisthenic exercise.

Though the exact date of Kharma’s return to the ring is not yet confirmed, she has promised to “khick ass and khonquer” very soon.