A rare photo of the Great Khali’s picture-perfect moonsault at a recent WWE house show.

To the amazement of fans in attendance at a non-televised WWE event, seven-foot-tall Punjabi wrestler The Great Khali, usually known for his lumbering immobility, performed a textbook corkscrew moonsault.

After his usual wobbly trundle to the ring — swaying like a circus trainee trying stilts for the first time — Khali became noticeably more limber and agile as his match wore on.

For example, after a few minutes of typical knife-edge chops, he performed a respectable hurricarana on opponent Kofi Kingston, who seemed as surprised by the move as everyone in the audience.

Khali then executed a series of increasingly daring maneuvers, including a springboard dropkick, a monkey flip, and even a Canadian Destroyer.

The pelican-jawed giant, riding a wave of adrenaline and crowd support, then ascended to the top turnbuckle and sprung backwards, flipping head over heels and making two full corkscrew rotations before crashing onto Kingston for the three-count.

Sadly, because it happened at a non-televised “house show,” there is no video record of the stunning sequence (although one fan did capture a snippet of footage on his phone).

Immediately after the match, however, Khali seemed to return to normal, teetering uneasily toward the locker room before being prodded into the iron-barred train car labelled “freak,” in which he is transported from town to town.