It is common knowledge that Kayfabe News is the most reliable source of wrestling journalism on the planet, especially now that WCW Magazine no longer exists.

While we are proud to offer wrestling journalism of the highest caliber, we are only human and we sometimes make very small mistakes, usually through no fault of our own. 

So we would like to acknowledge a few teeny-tiny factual inaccuracies that have been pointed out by eagle-eyed viewers.

On behalf of the entire Kayfabe News team — and our parent company, Yamaguchi Industrial Solvents and Lubricants, Ltd. — please accept our apologies and these corrections:

  • Braun Strowman is not Hillbilly Jim
  • Ric Flair did not just lose his virginity
  • Brock Lesnar is not a youth pastor
  • Andre the Giant will not be at the next Crown Jewel
  • Buddy Murphy and Zack Ryder are not the same person
  • WWE is not planning an event in Mordor
  • Lana is not pregnant with a prosthetic hand
  • Big E did not portray TV’s “Webster” 
  • It is not, contrary to popular belief, Snitsky’s fault
  • Brad Shepard is not a reliable backstage source
  • Triple H has never successfully consumed water without spewing it on himself
  • Steel chairs are not for sitting on
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is not starring in a Hulk Hogan biopic
  • Vince McMahon does not have 19 cats. He has 22.
  • Asuka is not portrayed by twins
  • Katie Vick is not joining Total Divas
  • Max Moon is not Ember’s father
  • Climate change is not a hoax perpetrated by Vince McMahon
  • A WWE Hall of Famer did not attempt a quid pro quo with a foreign leader, despite what all the evidence indicates
  • The WWE Universe has not been downgraded to a galactic cluster
  • No Holds Barred sequel is not in production
  • Brock Lesnar did not win the Raw Women’s Championship
  • “Paul Bearer” is not a pun
  • Bray Wyatt is not the Fiend
  • Climate change is, despite the Facebook posts of our lonely uncle, actually real and caused by human carbon emissions 
  • Lars Sullivan is not Snitsky
  • DX were never funny
  • Nicholas is not working the indies
  • Flo Rida is not the “best part” of WrestleMania
  • Bobby Roode is not a hologram
  • Guy Fieri is not in the WWE Hall of Fame
  • Elias is not Damian Sandow
  • Curt Hawkins is not Buddy Murphy
  • Buddy Murphy is, in fact, Curt Hawkins
  • The Undertaker does not turn on reading lights by raising his arms
  • Alternative facts are not facts
  • Braun Strowman did not win the Nobel Prize in Physics
  • AJ Styles has never built a house
  • Enzo Amore is not performing as Calisto
  • There were only four Ultimate Warriors, not six
  • Nobody has boycotted the WWE Network
  • The Undertaker did not portray Duke The Dumpster Droese
  • Mauro Ranallo’s mother is not named Mia
  • Roman Reigns is not being repackaged for Total Divas as Woman Weigns 
  • Mr. America was not Hulk Hogan
  • Not all Asians can spew green mist. Just 93 percent of them.
  • The voice said Yanny, not Laurel
  • Hyperactive camera zooming is not cool
  • The Miz is not a multi-time Oscar winner
  • Booker T has never actually shucked a duck
  • Seth Rollins’ theme does not open with someone screaming Bernie Town

In the video below, Kayfabe News Lead Anchor and Receptionist Philip N. Marx offers a heartfelt apology on behalf of the whole team:

Again, we apologize for these tiny — practically insignificant — little whoopsies. We promise to never report anything factually dubious again. 

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