Katie Vick
A still frame from a re-enactment of the the crime scene provided by Triple-H. Kane's defense attorneys are expected to argue that Triple-H had ulterior motives and framed Kane.

WWE superstar Kane is expected to soon stand trial for the wrongful death and “indecent defilement” of an alleged unrequited love interest, Katie Vick.

The long-delayed trial will determine whether Kane is criminally responsible for a car crash that took Vick’s life, and whether he performed indecent sexual acts upon her body postmortem, as has been alleged.

Kane has adamantly asserted his innocence for years, through he does have a long history of violent and sexually deviant behavior (for example, he once set Jim Ross on fire, and later kidnapped and impregnated Lita).

The prosecution is expected to call Triple-H to the witness stand to testify against Kane. Triple-H claims to have detailed knowledge of the incidents surrounding Vick’s death, and once provided a re-enactment of the scene on WWE television (below).

Kane’s defense lawyers are reportedly considering a plea of “not guilty by reason of insanity,” citing a traumatic childhood during which Kane was badly burned during a fire at his family’s funeral home.

Kane’s estranged brother, The Undertaker, refused to comment on the case when contacted by Kayfabe News, saying only that he hopes Katie Vick can “rest in peace.”

Katie Vick segment featuring Triple-H by Stinger1981