Undertaker and Kane
Kane and the Undertaker during better times, before they drifted apart.

In stark contrast to his previous feelings toward the Undertaker — either deep hatred or brotherly love, depending on the year — Kane is feeling strangely indifferent lately.

“Meh,” said Kane. “I haven’t thought much about him lately. I’ve been more focused on John Cena and Randy Orton.”

Kane and the Undertaker have a storied history in wrestling, and have oscillated several times between a vicious rivalry and symbiotic partnership.

This year, however, they seem to be more like two ships in the night, passing one another unnoticed.

“He’s doing his things, I’m doing mine,” Kane explained. “Growing up in the funeral home, we were inseparable. But hey, things change.”

Kane said he’s sure he and the Undertaker will become close again — or become bitter enemies again — “when the time is right.”