Kane Shirt
Kane's handmade design for his a new t-shirt, which WWE executives say is unlikely to be produced.

Hoping to capitalize on the success of CM Punk’s “I Dig Crazy Chicks” t-shirt, demented WWE superstar Kane has designed an “I Dig Dead Chicks” t-shirt inspired by his late girlfriend, Katie Vick.

WWE merchandise executives have been lukewarm to the idea, since the family-friendly company is not eager to revisit the allegations of Kane’s necrophilic relationship with the deceased Ms. Vick.

Kane reportedly toyed with a couple of designs, including one that read “I Dig Up Dead Chicks,” but he figured that one wasn’t subtle enough.

Another discarded design of the shirt depicts a masked man who looks like Kane (but oddly has a physique more reminiscent of Triple-H) climbing onto a female lying in a casket.

In the end, Kane decided on a rather poorly drawn depiction of his mask surrounded by yellow flames, and what he hopes will be his new catch-phrase.

Sources within WWE tell Kayfabe News that the shirt won’t likely be produced, nor will the Katie Vick inflatable action figure Kane pitched a few months ago.