kaitlyn wwe pics
Kaitlyn (right) tells Natalya about her secret admirer, who also happens to be her only admirer.

WWE Diva Kaitlyn has spent weeks trying to determine the identity of her secret admirer, who, it turns out, also happens to be her only admirer.

It seems that the person who has been sending Kaitlyn suggestive gifts and messages is ashamed to reveal his or her identity — rightfully so, given that Kaitlyn has no other admirers within the wrestling industry or the world at large.

Nobody quite understands what the secret admirer sees in Kaitlyn, since she is a catty and vindictive trollop whose personality is almost as defective as her wrestling skills.

Kaitlyn has received gifts of roses and a hat from her secret admirer, who clearly has a fetish for bitchy, surgically enhanced bimbos.

It is believed that the secret admirer either has a serious mental illness, or is actually just the Bella Twins playing a cruel prank.

According to the recent survey, 98 percent of wrestling fans don’t care either way.