Arquette knoxville gordon ramsay
Royal Rumble 2022 celebrity entrants. Left to right: Johnny Knoxville (real name Phil J. Klammidia), David Arquette (real name Gordie Boggs) and Gordon Ramsay (real name Terry Brunk).

For fans of professional sports-entertainment, one of the highlights of the annual Royal Rumble event is the performance of celebrity non-wrestlers in the titular battle royale — and this year, WWE is delivering big-time! 

According to sources within the company, actor/wrestler David Arquette and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay have joined an ever-growing cast of famous entrants in the over-the-top-rope elimination match. 

David Arquette rose to infamy in pro wrestling by winning the WCW World Championship during a promotional blitz for the movie Ready 2 Rumble. As for Gordon Ramsay, prior to becoming a chef he wrestled professional on the UK circuit as Gordie “The Broiler ” Rampage, so he could be a sleeper favorite to win the Rumble. 

One source within WWE (who, for the sake of anonymity, we will simply call Dolph Z.), said this year’s Royal Rumble match could include up to 16 guest celebrity entrants, to make up for a current staffing shortage on the active roster. 

Among other rumored Royal Rumble “surprise” entrants: 

  • Jason Mamoa
  • Lizzo
  • Alex Jones
  • The entire cast of The View
  • Flo Rida 
  • Sir Ian McKellan
  • Greta Thunberg
  • Kenny Omega (space permitting)

AEW, meanwhile, is promoting its upcoming 50-man over-the-top-rope Regal Rumpus, featuring 42 former Royal Rumble losers. 

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