John Cena porn
Ron Jeremy poses with a WWE championship belt alleged to belong to John Cena.

The latest tawdry rumors emerging from the scandal surrounding John Cena’s love life indicate that the wrestler had an extramarital affair with adult film star Ron Jeremy.

Photos leaked to Kayfabe News depict the porn legend posing with a WWE championship belt in a seductive manner — belly protruding and greasy hair tousled.

Cena has denied allegations that the belt is his, but wrestling fans prefer to jump to scandalous conclusions.

These are merely the latest rumors to have emerged surrounding elicit affairs allegedly committed by Cena while he was still married.

The rumors are said to be “confirmed” by a number of wrestling news sites, which means they are almost certainly not confirmed.

Jeremy denies having had sexual relations with Cena, but admits that Cena “could have been involved in one of my group scenes.”

Added Jeremy: “He looks like a lot of the guys I work with, so it’s hard to know for sure.”