Cena time off
John Cena is reportedly burned out and hurt, which is why he will take a day off sometime in the next year.

Sources within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) say that marquee star John Cena, suffering from burnout and nagging injuries, is expected to take a day off following the company’s next pay-per-view.

Though a polarizing figure among fans, Cena is one of the hardest-working performers in WWE, having wrestled every night for the past 934 consecutive days, and having granted a Make-A-Wish request for every sick child on Earth.

“He needs a day off,” said one source, who asked to be identified only as H. Whippleman. “He’ll probably take a Wednesday to catch up on sleep.”

Cena’s relentless schedule seems to have finally caught up with him, as he was spotted yawning while shopping with girlfriend Nikki Bella during a recent episode of Total Divas.

Taking a day to rejuvenate should do wonders for Cena, who is contractually obligated to appear at every WWE live event and charity function until the end of 2029.

Though most of Cena’s colleagues applaud him for planning a day off, Darren Young insists he gets by just fine without such luxuries.