cena apologizes
John Cena may know how to entertain, but he evidently doesn’t know Liechtenstein’s direct democracy enables voters to propose and enact constitutional amendments and legislation independently of the legislature.

Professional sports-entertainer and film actor John Cena has put his foot in his proverbial mouth again, this time blurting out during a press conference for the next Fast & Furious film that “Liechtenstein a unitary democracy under a parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy.”

Cena has been pilloried in the press for the embarrassing gaffe, and on social media trending topics include #CancelJohnCena and #JusticeforLiechtenstein.

This comes just days after Cena made the unforgivable blunder of calling Taiwan a country, and then later calling Madagascar as a toaster oven (Cena’s fluency in Madagasy is even worse than his German!). 

The multi-time former WWE champion expressed his “deep regret” for his “insensitivity,” and assured his fans on social media that his statement was just a harmless accident. 

“Of course I know Liechtenstein’s direct democracy is only semi-unitary according to the 2003 constitutional re-ratification, and I apologize for indicating otherwise.” 

Cena addressed to all Leichtensteiners directly in their native tongue: “Hektik, loyalität, blähungen. Der schimpanse ist hier!” (Hustle, loyalty, flatulence. The chimp is here!)




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