Donald Trump Flamboyant politics-entertainer Donald Jimmy-Jam Trump got a huge “pop” when he made his squared-oval debut, but a series of embarrassing botches have exposed him as inexperienced political “enhancement talent.”

Members of the WWE Universe — and, indeed, the entire universe — are seeing ample evidence that Trump did not earn his political “push,” and should have remained a curtain-jerking sideshow attraction like Mantaur or Sarah Palin.

Trump was “called up” to the main roster of American politics because of his larger-than-life personality, along with his Hoganesque complexion, his McMahonlike swagger, and his Hornswoggle-esque hands. 

But barely a week after his public contract-signing (or “inauguration”), Trump has developed the dreaded “X-Pac heat” — it’s not even fun to dislike him anymore.

Fans of tolerance, critical thinking and peace are united in hoping that Trump gets squashed in a loser-leaves-town impeachment and — in a bit of poetic justice — gets his toupee shaved by Vince McMahon.