Punjabi Prison
The elaborate, expensive and largely useless Punjabi Prison, which inspired the hiring of Jinder Mahal.

Confidential documents leaked from WWE headquarters in Stamford reveal that Jinder Mahal was hired primarily so the company would have an excuse to re-use the elaborate Punjabi Prison cage.

“We spent a goddamn fortune on that thing,” reads a 2009 memo from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to senior staffers, referring to the 25-foot-tall bamboo setpiece. “Find a new Indian guy so we can use it again.”

Mahal has yet to have a match inside the oversized structure — apparently because “doing it too soon might look a tad racist,” according to the leaked documents.

The documents further state that The Great Khali, for whom the Punjabi Prison was originally constructed, “doesn’t know what to do inside that thing anyway.”

The Punjabi Prison set is reportedly stored in a Stamford warehouse, alongside the thick blue steel cage from WrestleMania 2, and the giant fist from the old Smackdown set. 

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