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Jimmy Hart shows off one of the many megaphones for sale at his yard sale.

Bargain hunters in Tampa were reportedly disappointed Saturday when a much-anticipated yard sale at the home of wrestling manager Jimmy Hart offered nothing but megaphones and tacky airbrushed jackets.

“Why the hell would I want a megaphone that says ‘Dino Bravo’ on it in blue paint?” asked Sylvia Andrews, who got up early in hopes of snagging a deal at the yard sale.

“I figured Jimmy Hart has made some good money over the years, so I thought he might have nice things to sell, but it was all just garish crap.”

Hart, an infamous wrestling manager known by his nickname “The Mouth of the South,” had plastered his neighborhood with flyers days in advance of the sale, promising “incredible deals on a huge variety of items.”

But Chad Downing, who went to the sale in search of a toaster oven and maybe some books, said the yard sale offered “a huge variety of crud.”

Feeling sorry for Hart, Downing didn’t want to leave empty-handed, so be paid three dollars for a white-and-blue jacket bearing the words “The Quebecers” on the back.

“Jimmy thanked me a lot for buying it,” Downing said. “Of course, he thanked me through a megaphone, which was really annoying. Something is seriously wrong with that guy.”