A leaked album cover concept for Jim Ross' forthcoming hip hop album.

WWE commentator Jim Ross announced on Twitter yesterday that he intends to record a hip hop album, tentatively titled Bizness is About 2 Pick Up.

Ross stated that his recent freestyle rap-off against rival commentator Michael Cole “could have been better,” and he hopes to show fans his true “skillz and flowz” on the upcoming album.

“It’ll have an east coast gangsta vibe with a Kanye feel, and a bit of Oklahoma marching band mixed in,” Ross tweeted.

Ross is reportedly soliciting advice from John Cena, whose 2005 hip hop album You Can’t See Me garnered universal critical acclaim and won a remarkable nine Grammy Awards.

Three demo tracks from Ross’ new album — Hit the Sauce, By God, and Somebody Stop the Damn Match — have been leaked from preliminary studio sessions, and are generating buzz on the internet.

One prominent hip hop blogger known as D-Fresh raved about the new songs, writing: “If these demos are any indication, the disc will be at least as dope as Randy Savage’s rap album.”