russo cornette
Jim Cornette (left) says that Vince Russo (right) was the “worst thing to something something something since something something Bill Watts something.”

Longtime professional wrestling personality Jim Cornette sparked controversy again today when he went on a 47-minute rant about “something something spotfests something.” 

Cornette, an avid tennis player and wrestling traditionalist, yammered on during today’s episode of his podcast, The Corny Testimorny, about how something something Joey Janela something. 

“The young kids these days something something something,” hollered Cornette in his Kentucky twang. “Something something slow down something something sell more something something Ricky Morton something.”

Cornette went on to admonish WWE for “something something creative team something,” criticize AEW for “something something flippy-dippy something,” and complain that “wrestling fans these days something something something.”

According to sources close to Cornette, he hasn’t been this worked up about something since yesterday, when he went on a Twitter tirade against some young wrestler because of some reason or another. 


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